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What It’s Really Like To Enter NBC’s American Song Contest

E! : There are many singing competitions where people sing each other’s songs. How does it feel to sing an original song?
U G : It means a lot, because it’s our art. Everyone interprets what they have written, what they have composed themselves. It comes from their hearts, so it’s amazing to put your art out into the world and show everyone your talent. The platform itself is just amazing on its own. It’s national television; [there’s] nothing better than [getting] your original song on national television in front of the world. You can’t beat that.

E! : This performance is more like something you would see on the Billboard Music Awards or the Grammys.
U G : It’s incredible. It’s surreal to look at it and watch it because it’s something you dream of as an artist, to be able to create your own scene, tell someone your vision and bring it to life. That’s what they did. Literally everything I told them, everything I wanted, they delivered.

E! : So it was more than just writing and performing the song, it’s your creative vision of what you want to see?
U G : Yes. I said [executive producer Anders Lenhoff] what I imagined and they put it together. So crazy with the lighting and coloring and that’s exactly what I asked for, dancers, everything. Every little thing you saw I asked for and they provided.

E! : Now that you’ve seen your rehearsal, how excited are you for the show to begin?
UG: I’m so excited for this… We’re gonna do it all.

E! : How do you want to represent Indiana, your home state?
U G : Our good energy, our rhythm, our vibe. Indiana is a great place, great energy, great people. We love people at the end and we want to represent them in the best way.