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Unnecessary hype is short-lived—Amandzeba – Graphic Online

Highlife Artist Amandzeba

FOR some musicians, especially those just releasing hit songs, the jam is their magic wand. All they have to do is wave it in the air and they start following the trend. And they go on and on just to stay relevant.

However, veteran Highlife musician Amandzeba says he believes a true musician doesn’t need to ride controversy to stay in the limelight.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Amandzeba said a good musician should let his songs speak for him instead of unnecessary hype which he described as short-lived.

“Nigerian musician Fela was very controversial but only in his songs. He addresses issues with his songs and he’s a real musician. The likes of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube made positive songs that addressed issues.

If such musicians are controversial in their songs, that is fine, but here in Ghana, a musician has to verbally attack someone or talk about issues that have something to do with him just to trend; he’s not a real musician,” he said.

According to Amandzeba, any musician who likes to surf on polemics to stay relevant should find another profession.

“Any musician who stays relevant despite the controversy has to find another profession because these people are not musicians.

“A musician should address issues that affect society in their songs, but not talk about just any issue and insult their fellow artists to be relevant,” he said.

Amandzeba revealed that any unnecessary hype doesn’t last long. “How long can you attack people just to stay relevant?

“Pretty soon people will get tired of your tricks and leave you when you least expect it. On the other hand, when you make mindful music, people will admire you for it,” he said. he adds.

Taking himself as an example, Amandzeba said his songs Dwo, Ama, Dede, Wo Gbe Jekeetc have kept him so long in the music industry and not controversies.

“I know many musicians in Ghana and beyond her shores who still enjoy fame because of the great songs they have made.

“So at the end of the day, it’s the good songs that you put out and not the useless ‘beef,'” he added.