Music video

Quarry releases the music video for his track “Sound Of Your Summer”

The artist releases a psychedelic clip to accompany his brand new track.

Photography by Ellie Hosier

This Thursday morning, allow the shimmering piano keys to gently unwind you in Quarry’s new single – a sweet and soulful tune named rather aptly, ‘Sound Of Your Summer’. Dynamic and upbeat, Quarry’s signature flow creates an effortless dance floor – while the poignant lyricism also leaves room for optional yet meaningful introspection.

Released alongside a kaleidoscopic music video that carries the sentimentalities of a house-style video alongside offbeat visuals of a psychedelic mental journey, “Sound Of Your Summer” exudes an infectious groove that’s guaranteed to get even the moodiest audience at their feet – swaying to the perfect beat.

Developing the track, Quarry explains, “We all build this idea in our head of how things are going to go, but it almost never happens that way. Sometimes we get so attached to that idea that we have to mourn its loss when it’s gone, but at the same time we learn from it. I think you need those kind of heartbreaking moments in life to really move on, to figure out what you want and figure out who you really are.”

To stream the video now, scroll below…