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Holly Willoughby Fans Are Confused Over Photo Of Fully Dressed Bed

This Morning’s Holly Willoughby confused her fans by sharing a fully dressed photo as she sat on her bed

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Holly Willoughby left her fans in a state of confusion as she posted a fully dressed photo from her bed over the weekend.

The This Morning presenter, 41, shared the stunning photo on her Instagram on Sunday.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed, dressed in a blue jumper and floral pants – which confused her followers.

“Good Sunday!” she wrote, adding, “If you’re like me, your ideal Sunday starts with a lazy morning followed by breakfast in bed (a girl can dream).”

All of her fans were asking the same question in the comment section.

One asked, “So you go to bed fully dressed and wake up with full makeup on?”

Holly Willoughby looked glamorous as she woke up



A second poured in to comment, interjecting with, “Why are you wearing clothes in bed!!!?”

Another said: “You look lovely, Holly, but nobody looks so good on a Sunday morning after a hard week at work without keeping it real. Holly was even in the morning when this photo was taken.?”

“Have a great Sunday Holly, miss you and Phil this morning, it’s not the same for you two,” wrote a fourth.

His celebrity pals joked about how they start their Sundays, with Bradley Walsh writing: ‘Mine a cup of decaf and back to back ‘place in the sun’ with some ‘Columbo’ and maybe a movie ‘Cowboy’ later .”

In recent weeks, Holly has made headlines as she and some of her friends filmed themselves singing about how hungover they were going to be after getting together for a drinking session.

The presenter confused her fans



The presenter shared the video on Instagram, with her 7.7 million followers on the social media platform enjoying a vocal performance from her.

Footage showed Holly alongside singer Nicole Appleton, 47, and music manager Shiarra Bell, the women filming a TikTok together while sitting in a car.

It was recorded before they left, with them singing about their future hangovers – reminiscent of a song the band Haim created ahead of the Oscars last month.

It begins with Shiarra singing, “I’m going to be hungover.” Holly then walks in, repeating the line, with her wearing a knitted cardigan for the carpool performance.

The song continues with All Saints alum Nicole singing, “I’m gonna drink a bunch of different drinks.” The women then gather to sing: “And I’m going to have a hangover”.

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