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FKA Twigs stalk each other in ‘Meta Angel’ music video

In the “Meta Angel” music video, FKA Twigs is both hunter and prey as she pierces her heart with an arrow, but not in the way Cupid would have intended. The song appears on the musician’s latest mixtape Caprisongs.

Building on the thematic notion of rebirth on “Meta Angel”, FKA Twigs takes an archer’s approach to slaying the past self that holds her back. With precision as sharp as her eyeliner, the singer climbs onto the roof of a building above a park and shoots an arrow straight at a suspicious, albeit less abrasive, version of herself waiting for the hit. from below. When the weapon makes contact, its heart beats to the rhythm of the disk’s pulsating output.

Speaking of Caprisongs to instagram in the days leading up to its release, FKA Twigs viewed the project as “my journey to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends”.

She went on to break down a number of her astrological internships to explain how she got here in the first place, sharing, “It’s my stubborn caprisun ass telling me to work through my pain delivering at work, don’t think just go studio and create… my moon saggi being the enigmatic club-craving temptress… and my disastrous pisce heart from venus falling in love again, but this time with music and myself.