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DYNAZTY Releases “Natural Born Killer” Music Video

Fans have been patiently waiting for the band’s next magnum opus, but this summer your wait is finally over: on August 26, Swedish melodic metal force Dynazty will release their brand new album, Final Advent, via AFM Records.

As previously released debut album singles have already proven, The Final Advent will mark the band’s most cohesive, imaginative, complex and at the same time most seamless album to date in the band’s 10+ year career. Dynazty. Today the Swedes have shared a brand new music video for the epic track ‘Natural Born Killer’, directed by Patric Ulleaus of Revolver Film Company in Gothenburg, who has previously worked with bands such as In Flames, Evergrey or Amaranthe for cite only them. little.

Vocalist Nils Molin says: “Each song on the album has very individual lyrics. Some are short stories in a short song structure, like “Yours,” while “Power Of Will” or “Natural Born Killer” have a message. ‘Natural Born Killer’ warns of the dangers of blindly obsessing over and idealizing another person.”

There are many reasons why musicians manage to get the most out of their creative talent. In the case of Swedish melodic metal band Dynazty and their upcoming eighth studio album, Final Advent, the extra time imposed on them by the pandemic may have been a significant factor, but it would be unwise to attribute their Awesome new material just for the time they had to write, record and produce their new offering. In the end, Dynazty comes across as an ambitious band that has invested all their talent and experience, combined with a healthy dose of enthusiasm, ambition and tremendous compositional and musical expertise.

Since their formation in 2008, Dynazty’s career can read like a fairy tale, but it’s the result of a hard-working band. Countless shows all over Europe with artists like Sabaton, Battle Beast or Pain to name a few, an incredibly successful back catalog of seven groundbreaking albums, millions of streams on digital platforms prove it, Dynazty not only captures the spirit of modern melodic metal, but with Final Advent the band will even double all expectations and success.

Final Advent was produced by the band itself and mostly recorded at Love Magnusson’s studio in Stockholm, the drums were recorded in Denmark at Hansen Studios (owned by sound icon Jacob Hansen, who also mixed and mastered the album). The cover art was designed by Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes, who has also worked for British Lion (with Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris), Kamelot, Firewind, Iced Earth and Nils Molin’s second band Amaranthe.

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Track list:

“The Power of Will”
“Born killer”
“All the devils are here”
“The White”
“Achilles’ heel”
“Power of the present”
“Symphony Of Tragedy” (bonus track)

“Your” video:

“Power Of Will” Lyric Video:

“Advent” video: