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Brian May releases Spanish language song and music video for Another World

Brian May

Brian May has spoken of the “emotional” experience of returning to film a music video at the location that featured on the cover of his 1998 album Another World.

The album, the Queen guitarist’s second solo effort, was re-released as part of his Gold Series campaign, which also saw his 1992 debut solo album Back To The Light, originally recorded and released during Queen’s final years. with Freddie Mercury, reissued last year.

The 74-year-old has also released Otro Lugar, a Spanish version of the track Another World, which also comes with a music video shot earlier this year on location in Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro, part of the Canary Islands. . He is.

The clip shows May visiting the Teide Observatory in Tenerife and also features a tree found in El Sabinar, La Dehesa, which featured on the cover of the Another World album when it was released over two decades ago.

May told the PA news agency: “It was very emotional, this tree means a lot to me, it’s kind of a symbol for me apart from its natural beauty.

“It’s an icon, because for me it represents the way an organism, a plant, a tree or a person in a difficult situation must bend or break. And this tree has adapted to its situation where the prevailing winds are always strong and always in the same direction, it is bent, it looks to me like a woman always with her hair in the wind.

“And I just fell in love with the beauty of this one. But it means a lot to me, in terms of symbolism. And this is woven into the album…

“But coming back, I just felt an emotional rush more than I had prepared for, and I wanted to rush over and hug him. But I didn’t because there’s now a rope around it, which I’m really happy about, because this tree needs respect.

“He’s been there for hundreds of years, and if everyone rushes in and starts hugging him and stomping on him, he’ll be in pain, so all that time ago I expressed a wish that people respect him.

“And it seems so, I noticed that no one went past the little ropes around it, no one went through. So I sat down near the tree, but without touching it out of respect.

Another World was re-released on April 22 in box set, CD, vinyl, cassette and digital (PA) formats

The musician had already visited the Teide Observatory during his doctoral studies and obtained his doctorate in astrophysics in 2007.

He said of the Spanish version of the song: “I spent a lot of time in Spanish-speaking areas, especially in Tenerife, where I did my work for my thesis…I love the language, I love his musicality and I have good friends that I’m still close to in the Canary Islands.

“So it’s always been a love of mine. In a way, the language speaks to me and I wanted this particular song to have that sound of the Spanish language. Because for me, those places where I worked in- above the clouds is another world. It’s something completely magical for me.

May will also soon be on the move again as Queen + Adam Lambert resume the UK and European legs of their Rhapsody World Tour, which have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “It’s amazing, it’s very exciting and a little daunting, I have to tell you, because having not done it for two years, we have to establish that we are up to it.

“I trained a lot, I trained physically and I played a lot.

“And trying to bring my mind back to this place where we were abruptly stopped in Australia when everything broke, and we came back to lockdown in England, which was really dismal and difficult for everyone…”

Brian May’s Another World reissue and Otro Lugar’s music video are out now.