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Ayesha and Murali shooting for music video in Kanchipuram | Tamil Cinema News

Popular TV actors Murali Radhakrishna and Ayesha reunite for a music video titled Po Pa Po, which was shot recently near Kanchipuram. What’s interesting about the song is that actor Jai sang this number, which was composed by Srikanth Deva and choreographed by Saravanarajan, who has directed movies like Vadacurry and RK Nagar.

Speaking of the song, music video director Mahesh tells us, “I would call this song old wine in a new bottle. Po Pa Po means Paaka Poren. What if, in this 21st century, a guy and a girl only met on the day their families were to arrange their marriage? The guy is someone who is okay with his parents deciding on his wife, and the girl is also on the same wavelength. We even hope to take this concept forward as a series, like what happens on this couple’s wedding day, etc.

“The creators wanted to give the song a real-life feel”
These days, concepts like a guy and a girl living together or even in the case of an arranged marriage, taking a few months to get to know each other before marriage are common. Since the concept of this song is completely the opposite of what is done today, it’s exciting to tour for the song. The creators wanted to give the song a real feel, so we are shooting in Kanchipuram. The dance moves are very cheerful.

— Ayesha, actress

“The theme is very different from most other music videos
This is the song from my first album. My friend and supporter Rajapandian and Prem came together to produce the album. The theme is very different from most music videos, which are either about romance or party numbers. We’re trying to break that trend and create a song that everyone in the family can watch together.

—Murali Radhakrishnan, actor

‘I heard the melody and I loved it’
Jai heard the tune and immediately wanted to sing it. Idhu oru jolly-ana peppy-ana modern folk number.

—Mahesh, director

“It’s a song with a message for young people”
I have done many musical shows abroad. Prem, who is my co-brother and who worked in the film industry, and I decided to do a music video, and we thought we would do a song with a message for young people.

— Rajapanese, producer