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Alternative artist SAiiNT releases new single and music video

Today, HOLYNew York-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul James Read’s debut solo project seductively enters the alt-pop world with new single and video “FK ME UP.” a raw insight into the process of spiritual evolution; to allow yourself to break down and embrace life for the chaotic process that it is.

Beneath a veil of apathy (“f*** me up until it gets easier to love”), SAiiNT’s intricate lyricism weaves a parallel story about love and heartbreak. It’s the kind of story for someone who’s been through it all, but still craves human connection. “A girl walks up to you at a bar and you say, ‘Can I buy you a drink,’ and she says, ‘Just fuck me.’ Heavy bass, buzzy sawtooth synths, and heavy songwriting atmospheric backdrop for listeners to immerse themselves in, with veteran sound engineer David Levin (Blood Orange, Tove Lo, Nelly Furtado) mixing the track.

Elaborating on the sentiment behind “FK ME UP,” SAiiNT shares, “We are in a state of apocalypse and it’s screwed up, but it comes with an opportunity to evolve. Every ending is a beginning.”

In keeping with the duality of “FK ME UP”, the video directed by Rachel Wortell addresses the breaking of boundaries, both within oneself and between others. We find SAiiNT alone, locked in a romantic hotel room as scintillating tableaux of SAiiNT and a significant other simultaneously unfold the process of breaking down his barriers. As the song progresses, the shapes begin to interact, before being brought together, completing the process full circle. Brian Keenan was also brought in as creative director to help bring the concept to life.

SAiiNT’s undeniably refined sound and comprehensive creative vision are a sure sign of things to come. He’ll be releasing new music throughout 2022, in addition to a much-anticipated return to the live circuit during the summer months.

About SAiiNT:

SAiiNT (Paul James Read) is a New York-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Growing up listening to a mix of IDM and gothic rock, playing in bands from the downtown art/fashion scene and a lifelong obsession with Prince laid the foundation for mixing organic and electronic elements, and catchy songwriting used in this set of new material. After starting out as a live band, an electronic collaboration with members of METRIC led to SAiiNT becoming a self-produced solo project. SAiiNT’s new 2022 release set examines despair and appreciation in a state of apocalypse. ETHER POP / POST POP from Chinatown. Music is self-critical.

Photo credits: Lün Badi Pierce